About Us
Our Beliefs: 


There is only one true God. He is the Creator and Ruler of the universe. He is eternal and exists in three personalities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The three are co-equal and one God. (Gen. 1:1, 26-27, 3:22; Ps. 90:2; Matt. 28:19; I Pet. 1:2; II Cor. 13:14) We can know and learn about God through His creation, His Word His Son – Jesus.



Jesus is the Son of God. The anointed One, Messiah, who came to earth and became man to demonstrate God’s love by dying for the sinfulness of the humankind. Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, demonstrated His authority by miracles, and arose from the dead after three days to demonstrate His power over sin and death. By doing so, He claimed eternal life for everyone who believes in Him. He ascended to the right hand of the Father, but will come again. He is our King of a Kingdom that surpasses this world. (Matt. 1:18, 22-23; Is. 9:6; Jn. 1:1-5; 14:3, 10-30; Heb. 4:14-15; I Cor. 15:3-4; Rom. 1:3-4; Acts 1:9-11; I Tim. 6:14-15; Tit. 2:13)


Holy Spirit

The Spirit dwells in each member of God’s family. The Spirit helps us realize our need for salvation, as well as, seals and assures of our salvation. He guides us to do what is right and beings our transformation to be like Jesus. The Holy Spirit is also our Comforter who searches our hearts and carries our deepest groanings before the throne of God. (Jn. 16:7-13; 14:16-17; Acts 1:8; I Cor. 2:12; 3:16-17; 12-14; Gal. 5:25; Eph. 1:13-14; 4:30; 5:18; Romans 8:26-27)


The Bible

The Bible is God’s Word to mankind. It is without error and is truth. It was written by human authors under the inspiration (meaning God-breathed) of the Holy Spirit. It tells us who God is, why He loves us, and His plans for His creation. It is our authority. (II Tim. 3:16; II Pet. 1:20-21; II Tim. 1:13; Ps. 12:6; 119:105-106; Prov. 30:5)



We all sin and fall short of God’s wonderful glory. It is sin that separates us from our Creator because God is holy and sin is not. It is impossible to do enough good to be right in the face of a righteous God. When Jesus died, His blood paid the price for our sin. When He rose again, He conquered our death. We receive salvation as a gift from God by trusting and believing in Jesus the Messiah. When we decide to follow Jesus, we demonstrate our trust in Him by being immersed into water. (Jn. 10:27-28; 14:6; Acts 2:37-38; Rom. 5:1; 6:23; Gal. 3:26-4:7; Eph. 2:8-9; Jn. 14:6; Tit. 3:5)


Security of the Believer

The Bible encourages us not to sin. To keep the commandments of God, which can all be placed under the umbrella of loving God with everything we’ve got and loving our neighbor as ourselves. Yet, no matter how hard we try we still fail. We should mourn and confess, but even that isn’t what secures our salvation, it is the mercy and grace of God we received in faith. This faith is alive and evident in the life of the believer by their deeds. (Jn. 10:29; II Tim. 1:12; Heb. 7:25; 10:10; I Pet. 1:3-5)


The Church

The Church is made up of everyone who has chosen to follow Jesus. It is not a physical building, rather the body of Christ. God wants us to come together to exalt Him, share Communion and to love and encourage one another. The church exists to share the Good News of Jesus with the others. (Matt. 22:36-40; 28:18-20; Jn. 17:1-26; Acts 1:8; 2:41-47; I Cor. 10:16-17; Eph. 2:19; 4:11-16)