“I would like to welcome you to the Vero Beach Church of Christ.  We are an imperfect group of people living in the grace of the perfect Son of God.  We do not claim to know it all, but we know the One who does.  You will notice our worship is simple, but not simple minded.  This is a time for the body of believers to unite together in our love for God.  Feel free to observe or join in at any time.  You will not be pressured either way.  
I would also like to encourage you to ask questions.  Maybe you are looking for a church home but you are not quite sure what to do or say.  Come talk to me or anyone else you may know in our assembly.  After our worship, I will be meeting with anyone who wants prayers or is seeking God in their life.  This is not a sales pitch, but a conversation about the most exciting thing to ever hit this earth.  Also, I am available during the week if you need more time.”